Friday, September 7, 2012

Time to Get Serious

Unfortunately it's been a while since I blogged but since then a lot has changed and I finally feel like I'm ready to put in the work to make a name for myself in the handmade world.  Two very exciting things have taken place recently.  First of all I MADE MY FIRST ETSY SALE!! Now if you've read my previous bogs you're probably thinking ' already made two' but those were to family and friends.  I finally made my first sale to a complete stranger and let me tell you it felt AWESOME.

About two weeks ago I was in Seattle sharing a hotel room with my parents visiting family.  I was fast asleep when my phone made a noise that sounded like a cash register.  When my parents asked what it was I sleepily replied "The x-ray machine."  I'm still not exactly sure what I was dreaming that prompted that response from me, but when I groggily wiped my eyes and checked my phone I saw the alert from my etsy app telling me that I made a sale.  Instantly I was wide awake and over joyed.  As soon as I told my parents that the noise was not an x-ray machine but an etsy sale they were equally ecstatic.  The three of us had a little celebration, I immediately updated my facebook status to share the good news and eventually went back to sleep.

In other news, one of my absolute favorite blogs, Champagne lifestyles on a beer budget is letting me do a guest post!! Check it out next week for my tutorial on how to make a tufted headboard like these:

Obsessed with this look? I am too! So make sure you check out Champagne lifestyles next week for my tutorial.  And check back here for what I hope will be daily updates!

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