Friday, September 21, 2012

Current Desire: Clutch Wallet

If you've been following my blog then you know I'm all about organizing and simplifying my life right now. Now that I'm back in school I'm constantly switching between my backpack and my purse and then to a clutch on nights out. This creates the issue of moving my must have items like credit cards, business cards, my check book, etc back and forth between the three places.  While window shopping at Francesca's today I came across the perfect solution: 

A combination clutch and wallet.

It had more slots for credit cards than my current wallet, a spot for my check book, pockets large enough to hold my phone business cards, even my sun glasses.  By keeping everything in that I could easily switch between my purse and back pack.  I MUST have one.  Not wanting to buy the first one I saw I decided to do some research first and have been looking for one online.  I still haven't found the perfect one for the perfect price but here are some that come pretty close:

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