Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wallet Purse Problems and Problem Solved. For Now.

I finally found the perfect wallet clutch...

Or so I thought.

When I saw this clutch at TJMaxx it seemed like everything I was looking for in this Previous post.  It had an acordian style pocket with two sections and a zippered pocket, ten credit card slots, a spot for cash and a removable chain that lets you use it as a wallet, clutch, or cross body bag.  And on top of that I love the style...especially for $15.  So it's perfect right? Wrong.  Even though I was able to close it with my cell phone inside it in the store, once I put my credit cards, business cards and check book inside, I could hardly get it to shut and once I put my change in the zippered pocket it wouldn't close at all. This is all I can fit inside it:
So unfortunately even though it seemed like the perfect size, it's too small to close with the things I want inside it.  And now that I've found a shape and style I like, I'm not sure I'll be satisfied with anything else so for now I've come up with a solution.  Rather than use this one wallet to store everything I'll ever need (which is sort of a pipe dream anyway) I have divided my things into multiple little bags:
  • gift cards (which I have about 20 of at any given time)
  • "the essentials" (hand sanitizer, lotion, tissues, etc)
  • make up
  • wallet
Even though it's not a perfect solution, it does make it easier to move from bag to backpack and the wallet holds just enough to be able to take out as a clutch at night. Barely. Now I just need to make some labeled zippered bags to hold each set of items.

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