Monday, January 14, 2013

13 Resolutions for 2013

So I realize it's been nearly two months since I've posted, and this may not be the most exciting way to make my reappearance in the blogosphere, but I figured, I had to start somewhere and maybe by putting my goals for the upcoming year in writing, I'll have a better chance of following through.  I have a few excuses reasons that I haven't written, but rather than bore you all to tears with everything I've been doing (or not doing really) in the last two months, I just want to start fresh.  And what better way to restart than with New Years Resolution? So in no particular order without further adieu:

  1. Graduate college- yes I realize this is kind of a cop out since I'm already registered for the last three classes I need and am completely set to graduate this May, but I wanted to have at least one resolution that I KNEW I'd keep.
  2. Be healthier- I think everyone makes this resolution at one point in their lives in some way shape or form.  For me this goal doesn't only apply to eating, drinking and working out, but to my mental and emotional health as well.  I realize this a broad and vague statement but I find that the less restrictive a goal is, the less likely I am to give up when I don't follow it exactly.
  3.  Read more- This applies both to actually doing all of my assigned reading for school, and reading for pleasure on the side.
  4. Get a job- This is perhaps the most important and highest priority right now.  Being fully supported by my parents has been a blessing that's allowed me to focus on school without the added stress of a job, but I'm ready to be on my own.  In a few short months I'll no longer be a student and I'll be damned if after seven years of college the only thing I can call myself is "unemployed."
  5. Stop wishing and start planing- I often find my self lost in a world I wished I lived in.  Aspiring to things is great, but it hasn't gotten me very far.  In the future I want to start DOING the things I dream about, or at the very least planning how to accomplish them instead of just thinking about them. 
  6. Craft more- I really fell off the craft wagon these last few months and I'm determined to hop back on (especialy with the new cricut machine I got for my birthday!)
  7. Make 12 sales on etsy- This will be one of my more difficult goals because so much of it relies on other people, but I feel like one sale a month is a reasonable goal...for now.
  8. Move out of California- I realize this is a big goal, and when I graduate and my lease is up I still may not feel ready to take this step.  But at least it's now a real tangible goal that I'd like to accomplish by 2014 at the latest.
  9.  Stop letting other people intimidate me- This has unfortunately been a really big issue for me since high school, if not earlier.  When I feel like someone is prettier, or smarter, or thinner, or older than me I have a tendency to let said person walk all over me, or to fail to voice my opinion around them.  This year- no more of that.  
  10. TRAVEL- whether it's my birth right trip to Israel, a trip to Europe as a graduation present, visiting my bestie who's in medschool in Maryland, or driving an hour or two away from where I live now, I'm hungry for the experience that exploring the world will give me.
  11.  Make new friends- I absolutely love the ones I already have, but there are millions of people in this world and I'm pretty sure it couldn't hurt to have some new people in my life.
  12. Keep my apartment clean- Although I wouldn't call myself dirty, I have a tendency to be a little...ok a lot...messy.  I leave my clothes on the floor at night, I don't put away craft supplies right away, I don't make my bed all the time, etc.  I've noticed when I stay on top of things and keep everything spotless my life is much less chaotic and everything seems easier so this year I'm making being neat and tidy a priority.
  13. PMA- A good friend of mine is constantly reminding me to keep a 'positive mental attitude' or PMA and I have to say it's some of the best advice anyone has ever given me and can fix nearly any situation.  I will try my absolute best to bring my PMA with me wherever I go!
So there you have it readers, my 2013 New Years Resolutions.  Lets hope I can keep them!!