Friday, September 21, 2012

Make-up Organization

So right now I'm on a huge organization kick.  As I mentioned in my previous post I've been on a mission to organize everything in my life from my bank account to my bedroom.  One thing that was just not making the cut was my make-up.  I had everything in one big train case like this:
While this provided some ability to compartmentalize, I was limited by the size of each space and it just wasn't enough. So I started looking for options and I came across some flat file cabinets like the ones below and thought they would be perfect with some drawer organizers.
There was only one problem...They are all COMPLETELY out of my budget.  Aside from the fact that I couldn't possibly afford one I liked aesthetically, I had a very specific size and shape in mind. This is constantly a problem for me, especially as a DIYer. I think everything should be tailored exactly to fit my needs and if it isn't I'd rather make it myself, so I turned to my favorite website, craftster.  There I found this absolutely beautiful completely handmade flat file holder.
Now I had a new problem............I know nothing about wood working.  Once I saw this I knew I wouldn't be happy with something that didn't fit my exact needs so I started to come to the very sad conclusion that I would need a new make-up solution. Enter Target.  I found this:
Now I know what you're thinking. What is so exciting about a plain white plastic set of drawers.  First of all the price was unbeatable at 13.95 when compared to some of the flat file cabinets at over 100.  Second of all, something so plain would be easy to embellish and use my DIY skills to make it the perfect addition to my room.  Third of all it was the EXACT shape and size I'd been looking for.  However the thing that really sold me were the 5 dollar drawer organizers I found that were the eact height and shape of the drawers.  Perfect.  Now it sits next to my dresser filled like this:

Not only is everything organized into neat little compartments, but the drawers are filled in the order I apply my make up from top to bottom.  The only thing let to do is decorate it.  How do you organize your make-up?

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