Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not so Easy

This whole "sell your stuff on line and get rich doing it" thing is much easier said then done.  Within 24 hours of posting my etsy I made two sales and was beyond excited.  Unfortunately they were also my last two sales to date, but I'm staying optimistic.  I finally got all my pictures that Chris took up on the wall and have made a few new crafts which I've yet to photograph and post.  That being said things have been a little crazy lately.  I've been back and fourth between Long Beach and Palmdale at least once a week all month and someone broke into my apartment and stole my phone.  With everything going on it's been really hard to pick up momentum and focus on Modern Day Dauphine.  I'm back to palmdale tomorrow but hopefully by the time I'm back everything will have settled down and I can really get to work crafting, marketing and making Modern Day Dauphine a success!

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