Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big Changes

Still can't believe I actually went to Versailles!
This summer was absolutely amazing and life changing in all the best ways.  I traveled all over, spending 15 days in Israel, 10 visiting family on the east coast, and 20 days all over Europe where I was lucky enough to visit Marie Antoinette's former palace and Gardens at Versailles!!! I experienced other cultures, saw amazing sights and met some of the most amazing people I ever could have imagined, all of which has changed me in ways that words could never do justice.  However, the biggest change in my life this summer was my (somewhat impulsive) decision to move across the country from Southern California where I was born and raised to Washington, D.C!

I've been here a little under a month and so far I have zero complaints (although taking public transportation everywhere has been a huge adjustment.)  I found a beautiful apartment in a great part of the city that I've been thoroughly enjoying decorating and turning into my home.  Although moving here without a job was risky and the majority of my time is being spent looking for work, I've had plenty of time to unpack and organize all my craft supplies, and with all the inspiration I picked up traveling this summer I'm excited that I have enough time to get back to designing and creating and hopefully I'll have my etsy shop back in business in time for the holidays!

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