Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Finally Friggin Did It!

I'm a little shocked to be saying this, but I graduated from college yesterday. It's actually official: I'm done. It may have taken me seven years at two universities, but I did it and I'm proud. I wish I could say that it had been easy, but as much fun as I had in college, getting to graduation was a struggle. I could never have done it alone and am so thankful to have had the support of my parents, family and friends to help me get to where I am. It was a truly amazing feeling to see so many supportive, smiling, familiar faces celebrating with me at my ceremony and Luncheon yesterday. It is thanks in large part to them that I was able to change and grow so much during my time at school. I finally feel ready to grow up and I'm so excited for the next step in my life.

That being said, I'm a little bit totally terrified.  

These next few months hold plenty of adventure...15 days in Israel, 10 in New York and 20 days traveling all over Europe.  I'm extremely excited, but a little nervous to go so far from home for such long periods of time. I hope these trips help me phase out of college and into the real world and continue to grow emotionally and spiritually along the way before I have to move back in with my parents and find a job (hopefully somewhere on the east coast!).

I've always wanted to leave California and I think I finally have the courage to do it, but I'm scared.  Even though I want to leave and try something new, Long Beach has become my home over the five years I've been here and leaving is going to be heart-wrenching. The people I've met and experiences I had here during college have left me with a million memories that I'll never forget!

So thank you Cal State Long Beach for giving me five amazing years, the opportunity to be a college cheerleader for a year, introducing me to my Alpha Phi sisters and the other friends I made here, helping me grow both intellectually and internally and hopefully (fingers crossed!) preparing me for the real world.

If you feel like you're walking in my shoes too right now...

The best advice I can give is don't be afraid to put yourself first.  This is the time to take chances and explore the world (and yourself.)

In the words of Kasey Musgraves "Follow your arrow where ever it points."

Congratulations to the class of 2013! Now here's to moving forward!

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